Report Project, Week Three

Week three has been a tad irritating to say the least. I do not believe my teammate received my email I sent yesterday that had my information. I am responsible for our project’s current situation and desired situation. In short, our current situation is older generations are having trouble adapting to the modern technology. Our desired situation would be for the older generation to be able to use and understand the technology around them. When me and my teammate are on the same page we seem to get our work done and on time. The only problem I am running into is that we send email to each other with our work. I need to start not only sending email to her but post it on our group page. I do not do that all the time.

Since there are only two of us I just send her emails because nobody else needs to see my work or what I post. Usually, if there are more than two people in a group, everybody needs to see what everybody has done in order to know what is left for them to do or use what is posted to get them started. I need to just start posting them in all the places my teammate can get ahold of them.

I am looking forward to working on the rest of this project and get myself back on the same page as Allie. We have talked and I need to work ahead due to my work schedule and do not wait until the last minute to get anything to her.

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My girlfriend and I have been dating almost four and a half years. She was my first real girlfriend. By real girlfriend, I do not mean my previous ones were robots or internet girls, I mean I drove her on our date and worked for the money to pay for the date and things of that nature. Times are great and not so great. We have our ups and our downs. We are both in our early twenties but we have been through a lot of different situations in our short but long time together. We have seen many of our friends get married, break up, have children and such. They always ask what it is we do to stay happy with each other. The truth is, I tell them, is that we are not always happy with each other. Sometimes I am a pain in the butt for the way I behave, or she is makes me mad by not telling me what is on her mind. The famous question I have always heard is, “What do women want?” I cannot tell you because I do not know. I believe women themselves could not tell you either because they do not even know what they want. People’s wants change all the time and it is the ability to talk about that change and allow it to happen that keeps us together. If one of us wants to change, then the other respects the change and accepts it. If that did not happen we would be stuck in an endless battle between one another. On the chance that one of us will not accept the other’s want to change then we will have to say goodbye because we will not let anything hold us back; including each other. I love her with all my heart and will do whatever I can to make her happy, as long as I am happy as well.

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